Allergic to Love (screenplay)

Romantic Comedy about what happens when people give up on love. After his fiancé proves to be a runaway bride, Andy pretends to be married so he has an excuse not to date and Avery is no Bridget Jones, she hasn't been in a LTR in years and she's happy being single, that is until sparks fly when they get stuck in an elevator together.

Pre-Existing (screenplay)

Pre-Existing is a dramedy about what happens when the life of the party has to accept that the party may be ending. Pre-Existing is semi-autobiographical and follows the sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and self-destructive story of, Terry, a woman who has been diagnosed with liver failure but doesn’t want to accept that her party girl ways affect everything and everyone in her life including her newest love and her soon to be ex-husband/love her life.

Cyclone (screenplay)

Cyclone is a coming of age story about three boys who go on a cross-country adventure and possible last hoorah before Sam has to start experimental cancer treatment. Sam, Malcolm and Nardo are the best of friends and rollercoaster obsessed. The Cyclone is at the top of Sam's list of coasters to ride but it's slated for demolition in ten days therefore, it will soon be gone forever. It’s a race against the clock to see if they can get to Brooklyn from California in time. They’re barely old enough to drive, they get into trouble with the law, they have fun, they kiss girls, and have what turns out to be an adventure of a lifetime.

Bluefields (screenplay)

Brenda James aka BJ is Whitney Houston and Grace Jones wrapped up into one. She's talented, brash, loved, and on a downward drug induced spiral that even she may not be able to stop. Ashamed of her roots, BJ turned her back on her Jamaican family a long time ago but, as Bob Marley once sang, If you know your history, you would know where you're coming from. The answer to BJ's recovery and redemption just may be the last place she expects to find it.

Loveline: Scylla and Charybdis (TV series)

Loveline is a scripted series that centers around clinical psychologist, Victoria Cross, PsyD who is the victim of a vicious attack that leaves her physically scarred. Was it her hot tempered ex-fiancé? The stalker who knows where she lives? Or someone else entirely? In the age of social media the only way a TV personality can escape or survive is to assume a new identity, a new life, and disappear, which is exactly what Victoria does while the police tries to find her attacker and... her attacker tries to find her.

*the pilot and first two episodes are already written. Loveline's B storylines all follow mythological themes.